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Muudita (Substratum, Philadelphia) Spins Progressive Psytrance, techno, deep/organic/tribal house and is an Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. She embodies the concept of “mudita,” which translates to “joy in the joy of others.” Her love for music was ignited after working with Microtones in 2019, and she officially launched her career as a DJ during the pandemic. Muudita believes in the transformative power of psychedelics and their ability to heal and expand consciousness, which she often incorporates into her music to create a spiritual and uplifting experience for her audience.
In addition to her musical pursuits, Muudita is an active member of the Ecstatic dance community, where she facilitates consciousness-raising dance sessions that span various genres. Through these sessions, she guides participants on a profound journey of free-form movement, self-expression, playful exploration, and respectful physical contact.
Drawing from her experiences with psychedelics and her passion for music and dance, Muudita creates a state of flow that allows listeners to surrender to the music and be carried away by its sound. This experience can lead to expanded consciousness and provide new insights into one’s place in the world.

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